The Polymath Company

Hacking your Challenges

Engineering your Solutions

Empowering organizations to engineer best fit solutions to their tough and complex technical multidimensional and multidisciplinary Challenges!

#Technical Challenges and extreme & harsh environments are the main obstacles to create progress and to innovate when pushing boundaries of current technology and knowledge. Facing those challenges and understanding the reality and characteristics of the context and environment with key resources, creativity and structured smart decision/design processes could mitigate the risk and trigger quick and #efficient solutions.

The Polymath Company commits its resources to engineer solutions to face partner's tough technical challenges no matter how big or small they are. Thanks to its #multidisciplinary talents in Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Design Processes, The Polymath Company help institutions, organizations and private companies to engineer tailored solutions with a focus on #systems engineering and #reliability, providing sustainable and well adapted solutions.

Assessment/State of the art, Brainstorming, Design process, Design thinking, Conceptualization, System Enginerring, Solution Architecture, Implementation, Prototyping, Validation & Verification ... We can assist organizations in any phase of the #innovation process to optimize constraints and leverage resources to achieve adaptive and smart solutions to the challenges.

Sharing our extensive experience and network in Oil&Gas upstream industry to other industries and domains will unlock the unlimited potential of our clients and provide a strong competititve advantage by bringing the highest quality standards, the increased reliability in #extreme environments and efficient operational processes within tough constraints.

Our Competencies

Multidisciplinary Talents

Polymath is the right word. Our talents are multidisciplinary in Sciences and Technologies which gives a unique approach to complex problem solving.

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Systems Engineering

We engineer solutions as a system being part of larger system to be as efficient and coherent as possible as well as being the best fit for the local conditions and context.

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Harsh Challenges

There is no environment or condition harsh enough for us. We strive with our partners to design the solution to the toughest conditions.

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Advisory and Support

We believe in Knowledge Sharing. We do not just help solving problems, but we do it while training our partners and supporting them to develop their skills.

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Industries we serve

Energy Transition

Climate change, unsustainable development, resources scarcity ... and many others are reasons to review the production and consumption of energy. Locally or Globally produced, Energy must be optimized with care for intended use with environmental constraints. We provide the knowledge and resources to innovate, develop and transition to renewables energies and consumption schemes.

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Unmanned Vehicles

Walking, Rolling, Flying, Swimming or Floating unmanned and autonomous vehicles are still in the beginning of being a major part of our life. Interacting with complex environments and Human Beings increase the need for proper systems engineering. We provide resources to innovate, develop and build these new companions with Human Centric and Safe to other Approaches.

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Access to Space has never been easier and affordable that it's now. But Space is still a highly complex and harsh environment that should not be underestimated. We provide the experience and resources to innovate, develop and build innovative solutions and fast track them into space with high reliability to ensure mission purpose. We transfer knowledge from mature industries into "New Space" ventures.

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Medical R&D

With our multidisciplinary team and talents, we support medical institutions and research teams to transform ideas into reliable and safe products and prototypes to advances medical research. Our processes and experiences allow our partners to gain new insights into product and development lifecycles to innovate in what matters: Develop the prototypes and products to gain better insights in Diagnostics and Treatments.

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Upstream Downhole Oil&Gas

Locating, Identifying and Measuring available resources in deep reservoirs are becoming major challenges requiring inventing new technologies and pushing sciences to their limits. We provide our extensive experience in Drilling, Wireline and Completions technologies to hack those challenges and accelerate NPD.

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Our Contributions

Our Impacts

SDG Goal 3 Health

Good Health

Supporting medical research and development projects

SDG Goal 4 Education

Quality Education

Starting & Supporting Scientific Education ventures

SDG Goal 6 Access to Water

Acces to Clean Water

Supporting & Innovating in Clean Water production & access

SDG Goal 7 Clean Energy

Affordable & Clean Energy

Innovating in Clean Energies access & Supporting new Ventures for global access

SDG Goal 9 Innovation & Industries

Industry & Innovation

Enabling Knowledge Sharing between industries and Investing in Industial Innovation



Enabling the reused battery revolution by offering advanced and fit for use products to the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Reduce the cost of energy transition and enable the extraction of the full life from EV batteries.

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Revolutionizing the prototyping and industrialization of hardware parts by connecting all service providers in a dense and evaluated network and linking them to every organization or individual looking to transform an idea into reality. Industry 4.0 enabled by AI.

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Sciencia is a "Learning by Doing" scientific leisure provider. By developping hands-on scientific workshops and educational kits around robotics, physics, biology, chemistry, electronics, aerospace, we aim to participate in developping open-minded skilled future generations able to adapt and innovate with a scientific approaches.

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Sciencia Tech

Sciencia Tech

A spin-off of Sciencia, Sciencia Tech aims to industrialize and commercialize the educational kits and educational content created at Sciencia with a proven record of impact on kids into global scale impact products, teaching equiment and content. It provides consulting services to governments and educational institutions worldwide for "Learning By Doing" impelmentation.

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