Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned Vehicles

from Design to Launch

Unmanned Vehicles are invading many domains and applications. They allow to reduce Risks on human operators. They allow to get closer to and in harsh and dangerous environments. Human interactions with the unmanned vehicles, may they be earth mobile, aerial, underwater or floating, must be a centric to they mission definition and design process to ensure safety of each element of this interaction while reaching the required performances and delivering the expected outcome.

The Polymath Company provides full lifecycle support to unmanned vehicles, including mission definition, electrical design, operations design, production and operations. Our partners can cover the range of remaining expertise, from mechanical design and production, simulation, SW/FW development and certification. Our systems engineering expertise ranges from requirements analysis to lifecycle management, including verification and validation.

Our Contributions

Multidisciplinary Development

Polymath approach to solving complex problem allowed a quick turn-around and on schedule design and development. Derisking with multidomain simulation (electrical, mechanical, thermal, optical). Characterization of materials/components and processes allows excellence in execution. We bring in internal and external expertise to ensure technology readiness and to deliver of a mission fit solution.

Systems Engineering & Management

Systems engineering is our expertise: Mission definition, project lifecycle and management, requirements analysis, system and solution architectures ... We assit you in all the phase of the project to ensure delivery on time, with the expected quality. Documenting is also a major part of the process and we assist in setting and managing PLM software to guide the project execution and interaction between research, design, development and production with a signle source of truth.

Production & Assembly

From documentation to assembly, The Polymath Company assist its partners to identify the process, management them and execute them to deliver high reliability, ready to fly, assemblies with conformity to stringent standards. We enable your solutions, with the ecosystem of local and global suppliers, to build and deploy the infrastructure to reach beyond the objectives.

Verification and Validation

Testing and verifying the prototypes and production is a tremendous challenge. There is a compromise between making sure that what is being delivered is good enough to survive the harsh conditions of the mission, but that its life expenctancy was not compromised by the verification process. Stagged verification, continuous testing with the appropriate coverage and levels are key to success of this phase. The next phase of Validation with certifications from third parties and launch provider (Shock & Vibration, Thermal, Acoustics ...).